Monday, October 20, 2008

Why I may not buy the new macbook

So, I was waiting and waiting for the expected date of arrival of new MacBooks - Oct. 14th - because my old mac book has a broken keyboard, super-drive, etc. I was hoping for faster cpu, better battery life. Some of the features of the new Mac Book are improvements but overall I'm disappointed.

Here are the improvements:
  • Aluminum case with more sturdyness due to single block design.
  • Better graphics card with offloaded graphics processing.
  • Macbook pro-like look.
  • That's about it.
Here are the main detractors that may keep me from buying it:
  • No firewire port. What?
  • Higher price. Double-what?
  • No major increases in power or battery life.
  • Looks more like an HP than a mac.
I think I can get basically a much better computer for $800 and put Linux on it and buy an external battery. I admit I still haven't seen one in person. Maybe I'll be over-awed by the coolnesss of it and buy it anyway.

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