Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain: Why do you keep lying about taxes?

McCain's strategy seems to be to take a theme and continually harp on it, whether it's factual or not. Remember "Earmarks?" Now it's Obama's tax plan.

McCain said that 50% of small business owners would have increased taxes under Obama's plan. The fact is that only 2% of small business owners would have increased taxes and the increase would only apply to the income above $250,000. So this is a flat out lie, but a lie he keeps repeating. I'm sure McCain has been informed enough about Obama's tax plan to know he is lying. Therefore we have another potential president who is not afraid to lie and mislead repeatedly.

And to use gimmicks like Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber is meant to convince us that a tax break for the super-wealthy that George Bush imposed will hurt the little guy. Maybe that gimmick works - if you're STUPID! Maybe Sarah Palin works, if you're STUPID. We're not voting for hockey moms and Joe Six Packs, we're voting for a president of the United States. And the United States has serious issues that have been ignored for a long, long time and now are coming home to roost. If John McCain dies of a heart attack, Sarah Palin the Hockey Mom will be President of the United States.

Well his gimmick backfired. The fact is that Joe the Plumber himself admits his taxes won't be raised under Obama's tax plan. (

So Obama is a tax raiser? He intends to cut taxes for 90% of Americans and repeal the tax cut for the super-wealthy that George Bush gave to his friends and McCain wants to continue. Looks to me like he's making the tax burden more fairly distributed. How people are convinced to vote against their best interests for higher taxes for themselves and lower taxes for the super-rich is beyond me? I guess they fall for "Joe the Plumber". I guess they think that McCain - the son of an Admiral who owns seven houses is more one of them then the guy who grew up in a single family home and struggled through college and law school - who owns one house, who lived on a public servants salary?


Pete of The Peasants said...

Well Said!!! I think even Republicans were able to see how shallow and meaningless McCain's attacks on Obama were in the debate last night. But then I didn't think Ronald Reagan had a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Presidency. Peace!!

M.Moment11 said...
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M.Moment11 said...

you can compare the worth of our lawmakers here:

the above linke shows mccain with a net worth of $36 Million